Quality Chicken

The Best Menus Are Made Together.

Let’s start with the chicken that brings the people to the plates, and the plates to popularity, and build something great together.

A Bit About Us

A Century of Chicken

We’re nearing 100 years of bringing the best chicken and menu advice to operators in kitchens large and small.

Premium Quality

We’ve perfected the way we produce our chicken so that only the best leaves our door and makes it to your menu.

A Broad Portfolio

Every product we make is crafted to work on any menu, whether you serve people on the go, at the table or anywhere in between.

“Brakebush is retention food — it keeps the kids coming back.”

Brakebush customer of 17+ years
  • U.S. Family Owned & Operated

Coming Together Over Great Food.

Our people and their relationship with you will always be the foundation of our business. From our culinary team to customer service staff to your own chicken rep, we all work to bring you the best chicken so you can give your guests the best menu.

The Chicken That Makes Your Menu.

From classic options to trendy innovations, we have over 200 of the best-quality chicken products that can be used on any menu.

Classic to Trendy

With core favorites like tenders and fillets, to trending options like chicken burgers and breakfast sausage, our chicken has a place in any kitchen.

Menu to Menu

We help suggest products and application ideas for restaurants, convenience stores, healthcare, schools and more.

Only The Very, Very Best

Nothing but the best chicken goes out our door. That’s why we’re proud to put our name on every box.

Take a look at our brochure to see everything from breaded tenders to crispy wings to pizza toppings.

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Chicken Adds The Choice Your Guests Want.

With more protein choices than ever before, consumers are being more selective about what they eat. Let’s remind them there’s an option outside of beef, pork and plant-based that delivers on the flavor and texture they crave.

1 in 3 consumers

are turning away from beef and pork as a protein choice1

The #1 protein choice

in America is chicken, with popularity continuing to rise2

25% of consumers

intend to eat more poultry than they have in the past1

1: “Plant & Cellular.” Foodscape 2017. Datassential 2017.
2: “Meat & Poultry Keynote.” Datassential January 2018.

  • Fully Cooked
  • 100% Natural
  • Gluten Free

New! Chicken Breakfast Sausage Pattie

Need a delicious wake-up call? Our all natural and gluten free chicken sausage pattie is crafted to menu and eat like traditional breakfast sausage.

  • Fully Cooked
  • 100% Natural
  • Gluten Free

Flame-Grilled Chicken Burger

Give them a better burger choice with all natural, gluten free, coarse-ground burger—no water or binders added, just chicken and seasoning. Available in 3.25 oz. and 4 oz.

  • Fully Cooked
  • 100% Natural

Chicken Sausage Topping

Let’s re-top your top seller with our all natural, fully cooked topping, flavored like authentic Italian sausage and made with a hand-pinched appearance.

Let’s Make Your Menu.

Ready to add some great chicken to your menu? Get started below and we’ll have your rep reach out to you shortly.

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