Get In On The Crispy Action

Now this is how you compete in the chicken sandwich arena. Thick, juicy, whole breast fillets with the hand-breaded appearance that chicken lovers are craving. Perfection that takes just 8 minutes from frozen to ready.

2 Ways To Bring The Flavor

Classic Crispy Chicken Fillet

We took a traditional fillet to the next level with a thick, hand-crafted appearance and an impressively crunchy, juicy bite.

Spicy Crispy Chicken Fillet

Turn up the temp with the spicy version. The incredible crispy, juicy taste of the classic fillet with a perfectly balanced, enjoyable level of heat.

How to Build the Perfect Sandwich

There’s an ideal way to construct your sandwich that makes it irresistible to your guests. A toasted buttery bun and a pop of tang from savory, crunchy pickles. Mayonnaise to add moisture and creaminess. All surrounding a crispy, juicy, savory fillet.

Toasted Buttery Bun

Crunchy Pickle Chips

Pickle slices

Crispy Chicken Fillet

Thick, Creamy Mayo

Toasted Buttery Bun

Ideas To Add A Little Style

Top with a tangy sesame slaw mix for a cool crunch.

Smear with some smoky paprika sauce for a kick.

Swap the classic buns for biscuits & drizzle with hot honey.


Crispy chicken sandwich mini toolkit


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